Tips to Save at UCLA

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UC tuition is going nowhere but up. How can you get the most out of college financially wise? Here are a few tips that I accumulated through my first year at UCLA. They involve some work, but are well worth the effort. I hope they help.
DISCLAIMER: This blog is not officially run by UCLA. This blog contains advice from a student's point of view. You should not completely rely on this resource. There are many other places to go for help, which are periodically mentioned throughout this blog.

TIP #1

Enjoy your time here at UCLA. It will go by in a flash.

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Anonymous wants to know, "Are there microwaves in public place in de neve plaza for students to use?"

Yes, on either sides of the entrance of Dykstra Hall where the vending machines are. They are also located on the ground floor of each building (ABCDEF)

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Anonymous wants to know, "Is it possible to live off campus at UCLA, and not have a car? (Would public transportation work getting to and from the college?) I am planning to live off campus with my parents in Westwood."

It depends on how far you are in Westwood. The Bruin Bus has shuttles running from South of Wilshire. There are also many bus routes that come and go from UCLA so depending where you are, I suggest that you look them up.

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Anonymous wants to know, "What is the most popular type of hall for freshman?"

I would say the halls (Dykstra, Rieber, Sproul, Hedrick) are the most popular for freshman. These halls are usually mainly freshmen with your few upperclassmen sprinkled here and there.

Although these halls have the least amenities as in no air conditioning, shared bathrooms, smallest rooms, they are popular because these factors force people to meet each other.

If it’s really hot and you have no air conditioning, you’re probably not going to want to stay in your room, so you go out into the hallway or the lounge where all the other sweaty residents are. You meet and strike up conversations in the communal restroom.

I’ve lived in a hall 3/4 years here and I love it. 

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Public Apology

I would like to publicly apologize for not maintaining this blog as I should be. As a fourth year now I have been very busy and I will try to answer the millions of questions I have in my ask box! I also want to make videos but I don’t know if I will have the time :P

Forgive me! I’ll be back soon :)

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uclabound wants to know, "What tips do you have for moving in? What would you consider essentials?"

This is going to be a LONG list. *stretch* Here we go.

TIPS: Pack minimally. Don’t pack up your whole childhood bedroom, you’re in college now! Your dorm room is a place for you to study and rest, so keep that in mind when you are packing. If I could redo moving in, I would only bring the bare necessities. Especially if you are living in a triple in a hall; ain’t nobody got space for that! By the end of the year, you will have a bunch of new things that you bought throughout the year to inhabit your room so don’t bring too much in the beginning.

Here at UCLA, the residential hall’s rooms have everything furnished for you so don’t worry about bringing extra pieces of furniture. I actually brought my own desk chair to use instead of the wooden one provided but that was a hassle to bring back and forth.

Essentials: Sheets, toiletries, computer, shower shoes, clothes, towels, laundry detergent, respect. 

I just realized I answered another question like this before. Here’s a link :)

DON’T BRING: Weapons, water heaters, personal microwaves. These are considered contraband and are not permitted in the residence halls.

I will add more onto this post if I remember anything else! 

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Anonymous wants to know, "what if i suddenly don't know what i want to do anymore? will i be able to find out within two years? And at UCLA? It makes me feel small."

I appreciate your honestly. In my opinion, more than half of us feel this way at one point (or more) in our lives. That’s what college is for, you can expand your horizons and see what you really like. 

In my freshman year, I was doing too much. I was so excited and wanted to do everything at once. I tried many clubs and different activities that I didn’t know whether or not I was passionate about. But as the years went on, I was able to really find out what I liked by trying out new things and whittling down my commitments. Even though I may not being doing as many things as I did right now, I am content with what I AM doing which is what counts. 

Don’t pressure yourself to find out what you want to do within two years.  What you should do is actively search, put yourself out there, reach out to mentors and USE THE CAREER CENTER.

UCLA is huge and it can make you feel small, but you can feel large by being involved with things on campus. I made UCLA small for myself by focusing on my studies, keeping in touch with friends, and joining awesome organizations.

I remember when I went to orientation, they told me that YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER after they flashed the huge amount of people that were admitted, and in my head I thought “Yes I AM a number, what are you talking about?” But now I realize that it really is true. Don’t let yourself be a number, don’t let yourself be small. You get what you put into it.

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Anonymous wants to know, "Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! It gives me things to think about for my first year. I was wondering what would be the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get from the campus to LAX? Thanks!"

Thanks so much for the compliment :)

Use the FlyAway!Westwood FlyAway offers hourly direct service between LAX and Westwood and short/long-term parking options in partnership with UCLA.

More information can be found here.

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Anonymous wants to know, "What is new student orientation like?"

It is intense! I remember meeting a slew of new people, making friends that I still keep in touch with today, and walking alllll over campus. 

Before you go, take a breath, be excited and look forward to it! 

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Anonymous wants to know, "Is the whole "lost among asians" thing real? how do you feel about the diversity on campus? I've grown up around only white people my whole life (i'm not even white) but do you think there is a chance things will be different?"

I’m not going to lie to you. There ARE many Asians at UCLA, that’s a fact. But at the same time, there is a lot of diversity on our campus which is not only exclusive to race. You will be exposed to beliefs, cultures, identities and so much more that will be completely different than what you encountered before. 

But that’s the beauty of it. You see and you learn. You open your mind and you grow stronger because of it. Coming to UCLA shaped me into a better person than the one I was in high school. I feel confident that when I am pushed into the “real world” after college, handling diversity and adversities will be much easier based on my experiences here. 

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